Latest Sustainability News


St. Andrews Prize for the Environment

The St Andrews Prize for the Environment is a joint environmental initiative by the University of St Andrews and ConocoPhillips.


Using Offsets for Conservation and Preservation

In Australia, ConocoPhillips adopted an offset plan to protect the area’s unique ecology and heritage for future generations.


Man on a Migratory Mission

Stakeholder Engagement

Working with Indigenous Peoples in Australia

ConocoPhillips is committed to enhancing the communities where it operates. Such is the case in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT), where ConocoPhillips is the majority interest holder of the Darwin Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant.


Timor Leste Reforestation Program

A reforestation project in Timor-Leste resulted in the planting of more than 10,000 seedlings to prevent soil erosion.

Supply Chain

Outstanding Supplier Support for Operations

Clough Amec Pty Ltd provided resources and supervision to execute a complex work scope offshore on the Bayu-Undan platform.

Awards & Recognition

2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

ConocoPhillips was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for 2018, the twelfth consecutive year.

Stakeholder Engagement

Love and Light Christmas Celebration

December brought cold Siberian winds to Beijing, China; but despite the bitter temperatures, happiness and warmth emanated from the Light and Love School in Shunyi on Dec. 9.


Revealing the Sleeping Tiger

Proactively identifying and addressing “sleeping tiger” situations can help prevent serious incidents at ConocoPhillips.

Climate Change

Reducing GHGs While Increasing Production

An ongoing ConocoPhillips pilot project tested the effectiveness of co-injecting a non-condensable gas (NCG), such as methane, with steam.