They provide valuable information about the chemical makeup of toxic substances, as well as how to store and properly dispose of toxic substances.​

Country SDS ID   SDS Name Publication Date
​US 791002 ​Alaska North Slope Crude Oil (Alaska) ​20-Nov-15
​US 780950 ​Alpine Crude (Alaska) 28-Oct-15
US 787043 Arctic Fuels (Alaska) 2-Apr-12
US 825378 Bakken Crude Oil (Sweet) 19-May-14
US​ 825797​ ​Carbon Dioxide ​11-Nov-14
US 730370 Crude Condensate 2-Apr-12
US 733721 Crude Oil, Sour 2-Apr-12
US 724160 Crude Oil, Sweet 2-Apr-12
US 715270 CUI Buffer Spike (Alaska) 2-Apr-12
​US 775335​ ​Ethane ​30-Mar-15
US 245280 Isobutane 8-Oct-15
US 716570 KAF-151 (Alaska) 2-Apr-12
US 169200 Liquefied Natural Gas 8-Oct-15
US 790587 Methane, Beluga River Unit 2-Apr-12
US 787108 Miscible Gas Injectant 2-Apr-12
​US 825748 ​Miscible PreFlush (Alaska) ​1-Nov-18
US 724070 Mixed Butanes 8-Oct-15
​US 719350​ ​Molten Sulfur ​19-Dec-16
US 826074 Montney Produced Water 6-Aug-19
US 780960 Naptha (Alaska) 2-Apr-12
US 724330 Natural Gas 8-Oct-15
US 787044 Natural Gas (Alaska) 2-Apr-12
US 733719 Natural Gas Condensate, Sour 8-Oct-15
​US 778671​ ​Natural Gas Condensate, Sweet ​8-Oct-15
US 786340 Natural Gas Liquids 2-Apr-12
US 039420 Natural Gasoline 8-Oct-15
US​ ​826060 Niobrara Crude Oil, Sweet 1-Mar-17​
US 245290 Normal Butane (Commercial Butane) 8-Oct-15
US 401320 Produced Brine Water 8-Oct-15
US 787093 Produced Water 8-Oct-15
US 169570 Propane 8-Oct-15
US 787092 Propane (Alaska) 17-Aug-12
US 775348 Raw Natural Gas, Sour 8-Oct-15
​US 826040 ​Raw Natural Gas, Sour with Odor ​8-Oct-15
US 775374 Raw Natural Gas, Sweet 8-Oct-15
​US 826039 ​Raw Natural Gas, Sweet with Odor ​8-Oct-15
US 826064 Sulfur, Solid 10-Apr-18
Canada 778999 Acid Gas (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 778929 Berland 150 (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 826062 Blowdown Water (Canada) 1-Jan-18
Canada 791827 Butanes - Iso and Normal (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 775325 C2000 Frac Oil (Canada) 16-May-14
Canada 826041 Crude Oil, Sour (Canada) PG I 7-Oct-15
Canada 826042 Crude Oil, Sour (Canada) PG II 7-Oct-15
Canada 826043 Crude Oil, Sour (Canada) PG III 7-Oct-15
Canada 826044 Crude Oil, Sweet (Canada) PG I 6-Oct-15
Canada 826045 Crude Oil, Sweet (Canada) PG II 6-Oct-15
Canada 826046 Crude Oil, Sweet (Canada) PG III 6-Oct-15
Canada 826063 Disposal Water (Canada) 1-Jan-18
Canada 778987 Hydrogen Sulphide (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 778984 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Canada) 27-May-14
Canada 778900 Natural Gas, Dried (Canada) 24-Aug-15
Canada 791815 Natural Gas, Liquid (Canada) 24-Augr-15
Canada 791785 Natural Gas, Sour (Canada) 24-Aug-15
Canada 791783 Natural Gas, Sweet (Canada) 24-Aug-15
Canada​ ​826058 Noel Gas Plant Condensate (Canada) 29-Sept-16​
Canada 809097 POC 150 Frac Fluid (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada​ 776012​ ​Produced Salt Water, Sour (Canada) ​06-Nov-15
Canada​ 778932​ ​Produced Salt Water, Sweet (Canada) ​ ​06-Nov-15
Canada 775185 Propane (Canada) 17-Aug-12
Canada 791787 Propylene (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 809098 PWC 150 Frac Fluid (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 826002 Sour Condensate (Canada) PG I 24-Aug-15
Canada 778886 Sour Condensate (Canada) PG II 24-Aug-15
Canada 815862 Sour Glycol (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 810906 Sulphur, Liquid (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 778933 Sulphur, Solid (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 778993 Surmont Heavy Blend (Canada) 7-Mar-17
Canada 826065 SMA (Surmont Mix A) 26-Sept-17
Canada 826066 SMC (Surmont Mix C) 26-Sept-17
Canada​ ​826049 ​Surmont Operations De-oiled Tank Outlet Water (Canada) 21-Dec-15​
​Canada ​826052 Surmont Operations Low Press. Feed Water Pump Discharge (Canada) 21-Dec-15​​
Canada​ ​826051 Surmont Operations Outlet Water (Canada) 21-Dec-15​​
Canada​ 826050​ Surmont Operations WLS Sludge Wasting (Canada) 21-Dec-15​​
Canada 778591 Surmont Synbit 24-Aug-15
Canada 826004 Sweet Condensate (Canada) PG I 24-Aug-15
Canada 775184 Sweet Condensate (Canada) PG II  24-Aug-15